Trane is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient HVAC, humidity control and air quality systems for residential and commercial applications. Dyess Air is pleased to offer a wide range of Trane equipment as well as Trane’s comprehensive parts, service and warranty support. We also provide our customers access to financing options on new Trane equipment and access to special promotions offered by the manufacturer that make purchases more affordable. Trane’s commitment to excellence mirrors our own dedication to providing the finest HVAC products and services to our customers.

Trane Products

Trane: Tradition and Innovation in Air Comfort

In landmarks such as Orlando's Sea World and New York's Statue of Liberty as well as in homes and businesses throughout the country and beyond, Trane systems work efficiently to deliver safe, comfortable indoor air. The company originated in 1885 when Norwegian immigrant James Trane opened a plumbing shop in La Crosse, WI, and soon after invented a low-pressure heating system to better combat Wisconsin winters. After his son Reuben, a newly minted mechanical engineer, joined James in the business, The Trane Company was incorporated in 1913. Reuben's invention of the convector radiator in 1923 established Trane as a leader in indoor heating.

A Pioneer in Modern Air Conditioning

The Trane Company soon followed its heating successes with pioneering air conditioning innovations beginning in the 1930s and continuing through subsequent decades of expansion. Today, Trane's award-winning innovations in commercial air chiller technology are considered the worldwide standard in energy-efficient cooling for large-scale applications. In 2008, Trane was acquired by Ingersoll Rand, a global diversified company well positioned to continue Trane's tradition of energy-efficient innovation in indoor air comfort and quality.

Trane and Dyess: A Winning Combination

Every Trane AC and heating system we install embodies Trane's commitment to quality, innovation and reliability. We invite you to contact Dyess Heating & Air today to learn more about Trane options for your home. We're happy to answer your questions and schedule a free in-home estimate at your convenience.