4 Ways Our Maintenance Plans Help You to Save

Sep 15 2016

In today’s economy, with constantly rising prices, it is important to make an effort to save every dollar you can. While most investments you hear about sound too good to be true – and they usually are – investing in […]

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Ways You Could Be Wasting Electricity in Your Home

Aug 15 2016

Summer can be particularly challenging in terms of utility bills, especially when hot weather requires extensive use of your cooling system. Home comfort represents approximately half of the typical household’s energy budget. It is worth examining various ways you could […]

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Products to Consider if You’re Concerned About IAQ

Jul 15 2016

Coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes are just a few signs of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Even on the beautiful coast between Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Rincon, Georgia, we face plenty of air quality threats. Here are some common […]

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Is Your Air Conditioner Tripping Its Circuit Breaker?

Jun 02 2016

Picture this: In the midst of a sweltering South Carolina summer, your air conditioner suddenly trips your circuit breaker and stops working. You reset the circuit breaker, turn on the air conditioner, and it happens again. Why Do Air Conditioners […]

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5 Ideas To Help Your AC Keep Your Home Cooler

May 27 2016

South Carolina summers are hot, and your AC can be a notorious energy-gobbler. When spring arrives, we’re all ready for the warmer weather. The downside is how much it costs to keep your Hilton Head or Bluffton home cool and […]

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Saltwater And My HVAC. What Should I Know?

May 24 2016

Most people don’t think about saltwater and how it affects their Hilton Head and Bluffton heating and cooling equipment. But for those living in coastal areas, airborne minerals and moisture can penetrate deeply into heating and cooling equipment, wreaking havoc. […]

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What Happens During An Air Conditioner Tune-up?

May 18 2016

Skimping on air conditioning maintenance is a bad idea. Air conditioners are sophisticated systems, and they need annual tune-ups to function optimally. The worst thing you can do to your AC system is expect it to perform like a boss […]

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What To Look For When You Buy HVAC Filters

May 04 2016

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers conducted a study in 2009. The study revealed that dirty air filters can lower the efficiency of an HVAC system by more than 10 percent. Dirty filters also make an […]

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